What Does The SparkTV User Want?

At SparkTV, we are rigorous about tracking metrics on a day-to-day basis, to understand user behaviour and tweak our product continuously to align with what users want. With a download base of nearly 500K now, we are starting to get access to some interesting patterns in user behaviour. 

Currently our audience base is largely from South Asian nations — India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal. In fact, to our surprise, the user base in our app non-Indian countries, especially Bangladesh, has been  growing with no marketing effort at all. At one point, we touched #6 in Play Store in Entertainment category in Bangladesh. We noticed this after the fact and were little taken aback. 

There are also some interesting observations around user behaviour that we have spotted. Bengali users tend to participate in polls much more than other language users, especially when the poll is around Cricket or IPL. On the other hand, Tamil users tend to share content lot less than Hindi users, even though our app has highest viewership in Tamil language content by far. There are also category preferences, some of which were completely unexpected. 

A number of key features are going to be released over the next few weeks, all based off of this user understanding we have developed in the last one month. Some of these features will be strikingly different from the trajectory we have demonstrated so far. More on that soon! 🙂  

To continuously align ourselves with our metrics, we conduct daily jam sessions within the team to incorporate the learnings into our upcoming product and content pipeline. This constant awareness of the user, we believe, is the one of the best ways to build for a culturally diverse multilingual audience that will be the driver of Indian internet in near future. 

SparkTV is now available on JioNews App!

JioNews is the latest in the lineup of distribution platforms that SparkTV content can now be viewed on. Our team has been quietly working on streamlining and automating the content delivery, and we are happy to say that the initial burst of content in all five languages is already out. 

Up until now, portions of SparkTV content could be accessed on UCNews, DailyHunt, ShareChat, Paytm, Sony LIV, in addition to the common social media platforms like Facebook. JioNews, the recently launched news app, is available both as a mobile app and a web service, is available in 12 languages and aggregates a large number of live news channels, magazines, news publications, all under one app.

With our relentless focus everyday on providing powerful, informative, entertaining content to India’s emerging vernacular audiences, we are now planning to boost the content production even further, and add newer and more interactive formats to our daily bouquet of content offering.

SparkTV App Crosses 300k Downloads on Playstore

We’ve got news! Good news.

Our app SparkTV (https://sparktv.app) is getting some serious traction on the Playstore. Since its beta launch 45 days ago, the Android app has been downloaded 3,50,000 times by users across India.

As a startup that’s serving emerging regional audiences with relevant videos in Indian languages of their choice, SparkTV has blazed the trail by launching video content streams in 5 Indian languages in a very short span of time.

Sparktv users can now watch a variety of videos ranging from local stories, lifestyle, sports, mythology, health, beauty in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada,Bengali and English.

In all over, Sparktv’s videos were viewed over 17 million times by users across platforms, including the app and Facebook. The video views and shares on the app are growing exponentially every single day and we will also be rolling out several exciting tech updates in the next few weeks.

“The fact that our app downloads and video views are finding a great deal of organic traction is proof that our content is finding resonance among regional audiences,” says T V Mahalingam, Co-Founder and Editor, SparkTV.  

So far, user feedback on our app has been overwhelmingly positive. And that’s something which keeps us going.    

Revamped SparkTV.in website launch

Over the last several months, we have been quietly working towards building an advanced media stack that has the ability to power an array of our future products. Prior to building this backend, the workflow for publishing content was cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to lower production volume and over-reliance on a number of tools, services and platforms.

The beta version of this stack, with integrated support for streaming and interactive content, was rolled out in Jan 2019, providing us a much-needed framework to build upon.

Since then, we have been revamping our product stack and migrating from the legacy stack to the new platform.

Today, the SparkTV.in website was completely migrated to the new stack and is now LIVE!

Designed with mobile-first mindset, the website has been simplified dramatically to cater to the vernacular users who prefer to consume SparkTV content through their browser rather than an installed app. More advanced features would be rolled out iteratively. Also, the work towards transforming this website into a PWA is also underway, and will be rolled out very soon.

Check this space for more updates soon!

Kannada Language Stream Added to SparkTV

With SparkTV, our constant effort has been to be the source of smart, informative, entertaining and inspiring content for the emerging audiences in India.

The media landscape currently suffers from the 80-20 problem — with large volume of online content available only in English, and sheer lack of non-UGC content in several categories for the vernacular language audiences. We hope to level the playing field by bringing quality content to the emerging audiences.

Up until now, Homescreen Network’s recently launched SparkTV app had been serving content in 4 languages — Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and English.

SparkTV Kannada Launched!

Today we launched our Kannada content stream on the app, making the app accessible to over 25 million Kannada-language users who may not be comfortable with English.

Over the next few months, we will be dramatically scaling up our Kannada churn, bringing a wide bouquet of quality content to the Kannada speaking users.

Watch this space for more updates!